Hi! I'm Alexis...

As a 15 year old, I developed a "mystery" illness- unexplained brain fog, vision loss, joint pain, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic fatigue, severe gut issues, constant pain, & so much more.


I visited numerous doctors, tried various treatments, & ran multiple labs. The consults always ended in all of the labs being "normal" & no one could tell me WHY this was happening or how to fix it.

And the classic "it's all in her head".

I eventually found Functional Medicine & was able to heal naturally..


I was so inspired by my health journey that I pursued my B.S. of Nutritional Science and certification as an Integrative Health Practitioner, specialized in Gut & Hormone Health, and then started my Private Online Health Consulting Practice.

Today, I am THRIVING. Now, it's my turn to help YOU! It is my personal mission to help you restore your health & optimize it to the max! I've been there! I LISTEN to you, I can't wait to support you on your health journey.


My ultimate mission is to help EVERYONE live healthy, beautiful, vibrant lives. So whether you are here to join me at the Glowing Woman Program or whether you are here for real advice for living fully and completely in whole-person wellness, I promise to share every aspect of the world of wellness in a balanced, simple, and compassionate way.

I'm so glad you are here to share in my

journey … as I am always here for yours.


I am obsessed with Chicken Wings & French Fries.

Anything involving the outdoors like swimming, camping, or fly fishing, you can count me in.

I love planning parties & hosting get togethers.

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