At 58 years old I always felt pretty healthy growing up in a Chiropractic family. I live a drug-free lifestyle following the lead of my 94 year old mother who still takes no drugs. However, as i am getting older I am noticing things like more age spots


I am 71 years old. After two knee replacement surgeries and the antibiotics that go along with those my gut was a mess. I suffered from devastating bouts of diverticulitis that ended in the ER twice. I have been working with Alexis with amazing results.


I am a 64 year old male and am no longer depressed about my health issues. Integrative wellness has brought me tremendous improvement and has lifted my spirits! I trust this Nutritional Science approach and I know you can too.


Functional Medicine is life changing! I had severe arthritis & gut issues. I was afraid my life was over & would no longer be able to play with my grandchildren until Alexis got me on the right track.


I was STRUGGLING to lose stubborn weight that just wouldn't come off!! Lexi was able to help me achieve my goal weight & I couldn't be happier!


My son suffered with severe constipation. Doctors had no answers! Finally booked an appointment & my son no longer suffers. I was skeptical at first, but I couldn't believe it when the constipation disappeared.


My daughter suffered from severe constipation. We had been to multiple Dr's that only pushed medicine and didn't care to find the root cause of the problem. Alexis dove in and assisted us, we no longer have any issues. I also started seeing Alexis for myself and she's also addressed all of my concerns. I was going to multiple Dr's and not getting any answers. She has me on track and I feel amazing at 42!! She literally saved me all the way around!!


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