What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine focuses on analyzing the body as a whole. It addresses the underlying causes of disease along with understanding why the conditions and symptoms arose. Genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors all have influence over health conditions.

How long does it take to get results?

Results vary with each person. Some people will feel dramatic improvement in 4 weeks whereas others may feel a difference a little later. It took years to get where you are. Your condition did not happen overnight and will take some time to restore to it's natural balance.

Are labs required?

Labs are not required. However, functional medicine labs are great at identifiying the root issue and eliminate guesswork even further.

How long does it take to get lab results?

Lab results will be sent to Alexis 3-4 weeks after your specimens are mailed to the lab. After the labs are evaluated, you will be contacted to schedule a 60 minute consultation to review your results and wellness plan. Labs will be sent to you the day of your consult. Labs will NOT be sent any earlier.

Can I use previous labs from other Practitioners?

Previous labs are welcomed. However, using Conventional Labs it can be hard to identify issues because conventional labs will show a "normal" test result. The normal ranges for these labs are too large and not specific enough. They also do not use the correct or most accurate specimen leaving you with no answers because everything is "normal".

Alexis prefers functional medicine labs as they are designed to detect the functioning of the organ systems. But also use more specific lab ranges and correct specimens.

Can I purchase supplements from sources other than what Alexis recommends?

Alexis recommends high quality supplements that are formulated to achieve the best results in the right specified dosages. If you want to do your own research on different supplements, you are welcome to do so, but we do not provide any other recommendations, nor advise on other specific blends or brands. If you purchase supplements from other manufacturers, please research carefully. Not all ingredients are equal.

What type of payment does Alexis accept?

We accept check, credit card, and cash! Payment is to be made prior to consults or immeditatley after.

How much time do I have to change or cancel a consultation?

24 hours is required for cancelling appointments. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be billed 50% of fee. You will be sent reminders prior to your appointment time!

Can I email Alexis with any questions or concerns?

Absolutely! I am happy to answer brief questions that you may have about your protocol or symptoms. If it is a complex question that requires further back and forth communication please schedule a follow up appointment. Thank you!