Perhaps you're feeling frustrated because you have experienced

  • Doctors telling you that everything is normal when you don't feel "normal"?
  • A deep fear that you will always feel sick and that there is no hope of recovery?
  • Constant googling and researching trying to find answers to why you feel so awful but still no answers?
  • Family and Doctors that keep telling you that you are crazy and are making up your symptoms for attention?

You Need a Plan

Functional Medicine Consultations consist of listening to you, discovering the root causes of your health concerns, establishing health goals, and creating a wellness plan to help heal you.

We discuss current symptoms, past & family medical history, and gather lab information to help see a full picture of your health. With so much information on the web, it can be very contradictory & confusing knowing what works & what doesn't.

Let me help take out the guesswork & help you understand WHY you are experiencing those symptoms & HOW to finally have real solutions.